News Headlines
Wed. Oct 2nd 2019
Past Chief James Keebler marked 55 years of active service with the Bushnell's Basin Fire Department and Bill Haines marked 45 years of service. Between the two, they have served 100 years! A cele...
Thu. Sep 19th 2019
Wayne County held its memorial service on September 19th at the Rose United Methodist Church. 130 people came together to honor and remember 50 deceased Fire Fighters and Ladies Auxiliary from Wayne ...
Sun. Sep 15th 2019
Challenge coins are available for a $10 donation per coin. Contact President Frank Orbaker or this website. Coins must be delivered in person. We do not have mail order available.
Sun. Jul 14th 2019
The Rush Fire Department held its annual Carnival on July 11th, 12th, and 13th, 2019. The traditional firemen's parade was on the 12th. Much fun was had by all!
Mon. May 20th 2019
Mary (Rita) was the wife of NCNYVFA Past President Jerry Read. She was once active in the auxiliary. She passed from this life on May 17th, 2019. If anyone would like to correspond with the family yo...
About Us


Northern Central New York

Volunteer Firemen's Association



Northern Central is a firematic sectional organization in New York State.

Counties included in Northern Central are: Monroe, Wayne, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oswego, Ontario, Seneca, Yates, and Steuben.

Northern Central works to provide information though legislation, training and education for the volunteer fire and emergency medical services. 

The Association monitors and takes action on topics of importance to the volunteer fire and EMS services.


2019 Officers

President: Frank P. Orbaker

1st Vice President: Stew Bell

2nd Vice President: Steve Grandusky

Secretary: Dorothy Orr

Financial Secretary: Steve Grandusky

Treasurer: Bonnie Sweet

Jr. Past President: David Sweet

Chaplain: Charles Leach

Assistant Chaplain: Vern Pratt

Chaplain Emeritus: Donald McGloon

Sergeant at Arms: Marvin Tryon

Assistant Sergeant at Arms: Vincent (Norm) VanDeMortel


Trustee Directors

Cayuga County: Russell Olmsted

Monroe County: Royer Pfersick

Onondaga County: Martin Thomas

Ontario County: Walt DeCook

Oswego County: Joseph LaVigne

Seneca County: TBD

Steuben County: Daniel Barton

Wayne County: Norm VanDeMortel

Yates County: Gordon Snyder

Executive Directors

Cayuga County: David Dixon

Monroe County: Diana Pfersick

Onondaga County: Gordon Kotars

Ontario County: David Violas

Oswego County: Kathy LaVigne

Seneca County: TBD

Steuben County: Christopher Bason

Wayne County: Frank Clark

Yates County: Charles Leach







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